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Why Are Wisdom Teeth And Do I Need Them?

We are sure that you have heard about wisdom teeth and you may have already had to deal with them in your life. With wisdom teeth, there are only two outcomes that may happen:

  • Your mouth is large enough to accommodate the space needed for them to grow in, and you will get to enjoy an extra set of molars to chew with.
  • Your mouth is not large enough to accommodate the space needed for them to grow in and they need to be removed.

Either way, you will need to deal with them, and most likely will need to come into out to have them checked out. Majority of patients today will have issues with their wisdom teeth and need to have them removed. Wisdom teeth are consistently the most extracted teeth with young adults every year. Wisdom teeth usually appear inside your mouth in your late teens or early twenties. Believe or not, their late arrival is how they received the name, wisdom teeth as they are nothing more than your third and final set of molars.

Problems That Wisdom Will Cause

  • Impaction: If your wisdom tooth becomes impacted, that is when it becomes a serious issue. An impacted wisdom will continue to grow beneath your gum line, which may cause nerve damage to your neighboring teeth.
  • Pain:  An impacted wisdom tooth may cause chronic headaches, jaw pain, problems eating and more.


Your wisdom teeth can quickly become a dental emergency, and the pain that they cause if they do not have enough space to grow will be severe. To schedule an appointment, call (215) 857-8054 or request an appointment online.