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Sedation Dentistry Philadelphia, PA

Sedation DentistryAn Overview

Fear of the dentist is the number one reason patients say they do not visit the dentist. Millions of Americans ignore their dental health for years due to dental anxiety. Unfortunately, avoiding dental care can lead to more complex dental concerns.

Visiting the dentist frequently can help avoid the need for advanced dental procedures. It keeps your teeth and gums healthy and allows the dentist to discover issues early on when treatment is easier and less painful.

Sedation dentistry offers patients who fear the dentist a way to relax and stay calm during their visit to the dentist. Dr. Weinstock offers sedation dentistry options so patients can receive the oral health care they need to prevent further issues. This offering is part of the many dental services options Dr. Weinstock offers to his patients that suffer from dental anxiety.

Sedation Dentistry in Philadelphia, PA

Sedation dentistry offers patients many benefits. Most importantly it allows our patients to achieve optimal oral health and then also maintain it. It is very important to take the health of your teeth and gums seriously because they affect so many aspects of your life. Being sedated will keep you calm and relaxed during the treatments you are receiving.

Not only will it put your anxiety at ease, but it also allows Dr. Weinstock to perform multiple treatments in one visit to our Philadelphia area dental practice. This means fewer trips to the dentist that will save you time and money.

The added bonus to being sedated is how little you will remember of the procedures you will receive. For an appointment that lasts a few hours, it may actually feel like less than an hour to you. Although you will not be asleep, you will not be aware of what is going on for the most part. You will have no awareness of the sights, sounds, or smells that are typical for a dentist office.

Pain and anxiety-free procedures are now possible with the help of sedation dentistry.

Dr. Weinstock is the best dentist ever!! His knowledge and artistry are truly exceptional and his caring approach with patients always calming and comforting. Every staff member in his office is warm, friendly, and welcoming and it always feels like family whenever I'm there. Love you all and thank you!!!Barbara B.
Dr. Weinstock and his amazing staff are top shelf! They are friendly, professional, skilled and engaged. Even though his office was usually full, I was always made to feel like the only person in the room. From the time I was 16 years old I hid behind a broken smile,…Lisa M.
I have always received compliments about my smile. I was blessed with straight white teeth and I never needed to wear braces. Growing up, I went to the dentist for regular cleanings and examinations. During my college years, I became lax about my dental care and, as a result, developed…Maryclaire C.
Would I recommend Dr. Weinstock??? I definitely would and have. I don’t think there is any procedure left that my mouth and I haven’t undergone…from regular checkups to implants and everything in-between so I do speak from experience. And as a side note – to all of the women of…Carol Z.

Sedation Dentistry What to Expect

sedation dentistry in Bala Cynwyd, PADuring your consultation with Dr. Weinstock be sure to ask about your sedation options. Dr. Weinstock will discuss the benefits of the different sedation options and thoroughly explain how each one works. Together you will determine which sedation method will best help you handle your dental anxiety.

Our staff is always willing to help answer any questions you may have about sedation dentistry or any procedure you may need. Our highly trained and compassionate team works hard to make you feel welcomed and safe in our Bala Cynwyd dentist office.

In addition to sedation, we also offer many amenities to help keep our patients anxiety-free and calm. We provide a comfortable dentist office environment with a relaxing atmosphere that includes:

  • Dental chairs contoured to your body to help keep you relaxed and comfortable.
  • Gentle, effective anesthetic techniques minimize discomfort.
  • Personal CD player with stereo headphones to soothe you and help you relax.
  • Our friendly, attentive staff will help to make your visit with us a pleasant one.

Sedation Dentistry FAQs

Is sedation dentistry safe for all ages?

Yes! Dental sedation has been used for many years to alleviate anxiety in patients of all ages. Dental sedation is especially beneficial in younger patients with behavioral, medical, and developmental disorders. You will always be evaluated before dental sedation is used with your treatment.

What can I expect after sedation dentistry?

You may feel groggy, sleepy, and dizzy after your treatments with dental sedation. Not all patients experience these symptoms, but they are common when you are coming out of being sedated. Symptoms may linger for a couple of hours depending on the type of sedation chosen.

Will dental sedation stop my gag reflex?

Yes. Some people suffer from an overly sensitive gag reflex. This is a huge issue when visiting the dentist requires hands and tools in your mouth. Being sedated will paralyze your gag reflex allowing your dentist to work faster and more efficiently.