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Dentures & Partials Philadelphia, PA

Dentures are the traditional method of replacing missing teeth. They can replace a full arch, a full set of teeth, or several missing teeth from the arch. One of the biggest complaints from denture wearers is that they look fake and artificial. This can cause patients to feel self-conscious and unwilling to smile. Dentures in our Philadelphia, PA office provide a cost-effective way to replace multiple missing teeth.

Dr. David Weinstock works with a dental lab to create custom-made dentures. He will replace several or all of your missing teeth and some gum tissue. As an implant dentist, Dr. Weinstock may recommend dental implants to stabilize dentures. 

About Dentures in Bala Cynwyd, PA

About Dentures in Bala Cynwyd, PA

With advancements in dental technology and improvements in the quality of dental materials, dentures in Bala Cynwyd, PA, are now more natural-looking and better fitting.

Dr. Weinstock offers several options for replacing missing teeth and will work with each patient individually to determine the best treatment route. Whether you choose dentures, implant-secured dentures, or another missing tooth replacement option, Dr. Weinstock will help you restore the function and health of your smile.

Dr. Weinstock is a highly trained prosthodontist with over 20 years of experience replacing missing teeth and providing other dental services. He has undergone extensive training in the art and skill of replacing missing teeth. Custom-fabricated dentures will fit aesthetically with your facial proportions for a balanced and beautiful smile.

Dr. David Weinstock will custom-design your denture. He will design a denture that fits securely and looks natural so you can enjoy a confident smile. We will send the design plans to our local dental lab, where they will make the denture.

Once your denture is ready, Dr. Weinstock will ensure you are happy with its fit and appearance. If you have any concerns after you get your denture, do not hesitate to call our office or schedule an appointment. We are happy to examine the fit of your denture and answer any questions you may have, as the adjustment period is different for each individual.

Types of Dentures

Our Bala Cynwood, PA office offers multiple different types of dentures to cater to each individual’s needs. Continue to learn more about the most common types of dentures we offer.

Full Dentures

Complete dentures are for patients missing an entire arch of teeth, either on top or bottom. A traditional denture is typically made of a plastic base that is colored to blend in with the gums. This base stays in place by forming a seal with the gums. Denture adhesive is also available for extra stability.

You must remove traditional full dentures daily for proper cleaning and to give your gum and soft tissues a rest. Some denture wearers find full dentures to be bulky, and they can affect speech. Full dentures will require an adjustment period if you are new to wearing them.

Partial Dentures

Also known as partials, partial dentures are either made with a plastic base or metal framework that supports several missing teeth. Partials stay in place with clasps and rests that form around the remaining teeth. The ability to secure partial dentures with surrounding teeth typically makes them more stable than full dentures.

Partial dentures are a common tooth replacement option for patients who are missing a few, but not an entire row of teeth. Like full dentures, you must remove partials daily for cleaning.

Dental Implant Supported Dentures

If you choose to secure your dentures with dental implants, your procedure will begin with surgical implantation. Dental implant-supported dentures, or All on Four, require strategic planning. All on Four uses the healthiest parts of the jaw bone for a successful result.

Prosthodontist Dr. Weintstock offers years of experience using the All-on-4 dental implant technique. Patients who choose dental implant-secured dentures enjoy more oral health and lifestyle benefits than traditional dentures.

Denture implants will almost fully restore your smile. This makes dentures one of the best solutions for your health. To learn more about implant-secured dentures and the All on Four process, see All on Four.

The Benefits of Implant Dentures

Implant dentures in our Philadelphia, PA office offer many benefits: 

  • Permanent restoration
  • Retains jaw structure
  • Encourages natural bone regeneration
  • Look and feel like natural teeth
  • Natural function, no food restrictions
  • No slipping
  • No special maintenance or care

Unlike traditional dentures, implant-supported dentures do not slip. Loose or slipping dentures are a common problem when eating. In addition, because dental implants replace the tooth roots, restorations like dentures support the natural jaw bone. Implant dentures prevent facial sagging, jaw bone loss, and tooth loss.

Dentures FAQs

Do you have questions about whether dentures would benefit your smile? Find answers to commonly asked questions about dentures in our Philadelphia, PA office:

How do I clean dentures?

You should clean your removable dentures often, especially after meals. When you remove your dentures, hold them with your thumb and forefinger. Clean them with a good denture brush and a denture cleaner.

If you have an implant-supported denture, you can brush and floss normally. We may recommend water flossers or interdental brushes to clean between each tooth. In addition, use a soft-bristled toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste to clean your dentures. 

How long will my dentures last?

Most people find that dentures last about 10 years. Although you have missing teeth, your gums will continue changing shape for years. So, you must replace or have a dentist adjust your dentures. 

When should I replace my dentures?

Normally, dentures require replacement every five to ten years. The fit of the dentures will change over time as the jawbone shrinks without teeth. You should have your dentures checked at your annual dental visit.

Will my new dentures look natural?

With today’s advances in dental technology, the appearance of dentures is outstanding. They appear more natural-looking than before. As a highly trained prosthodontist, Dr. Weinstock will design your design your dentures to fit perfectly in your mouth, feel comfortable, and look as good as real teeth.

Can I sleep with my dentures in my mouth?

You can sleep with implant-supported dentures in your mouth. However, every dentist will highly recommend that you do not wear removable or implant-secured dentures. You must remove these dentures at night for several reasons.

Removing traditional dentures gives your gums and other soft tissues in your mouth some time to rest. This is also a good time to clean and soak the dentures to remove all the bacteria.

Will I need denture adhesive to keep my dentures in place?

Some denture wearers prefer to use adhesive while others do not. The denture adhesive can enhance stability especially for lower dentures.

However, if your dentures are made correctly and fit well, they do not need an adhesive to remain in place. If you need a hold adhesive to stabilize your denture, it may be time to adjust or replace your denture.

Replace Your Lost Teeth

If you have tooth loss and want dentures in Philadelphia, PA, and surrounding areas, schedule an appointment with Dr. Weinstock. You may also call (215) 857-8054.

Dr. Weinstock will discuss your cosmetic goals and budget concerns to determine which kind of dentures are right for you. If you have any questions, tell us at your next visit. We’re here to help.