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Preventive dental care is your best defense against many oral health concerns. Dr. David Weinstock provides general dentistry in Philadelphia, PA for the health of his patient’s teeth and gums. Our dentist office allows patients to feel relaxed and confident during their dentist appointments. Our dental team works with the patients to ensure that we address all of their dental concerns and help them achieve their cosmetic goals.

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General Dentistry Services and Treatments

Dr. Weinstock offers a variety of general dentistry services in his Philadelphia, PA office. General dentistry helps to preserve and restore your oral health. To learn more about our general dentistry services continue reading.

Dental Cleanings

In general we recommend that patients come in for a professional tooth cleaning once every six months. This is to ensure that you have been taking good care of your teeth at home, and to examine your mouth for any signs of cavities or gum disease. During your dental cleaning, our dental hygienist will deeply clean your teeth leaving you with a shiny beautiful smile. To learn more about professional dental cleanings, see Dental Cleanings.

Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are used to replace tooth decay and cavities. Tooth decay is a very common issue in patients of all ages. Typically during the procedure for filling, we begin by numbing the area we will be working in. We then remove any tooth decay, and fill the cavity with composite resin. The procedure is virtually painless and takes about 30 minutes to an hour to complete. To learn more about fillings, see Dental Fillings.

Emergency Dentistry

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, do not hesitate to contact our office. In our office, we are equipped to diagnose and treat whatever issue you may be dealing with. From a tooth ache, to a knocked out tooth, call us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding dental emergencies. To learn more about dental emergencies, see Emergency Dentistry.


If you or your child plays contact sports that require a mouthguard, contact our office today! We create custom mouthguards that are molded exactly to each patients mouth using dental impressions. Custom mouthguards protect your teeth better than store bought mouthguards. They also allow for athletes to speak and breathe better while on the field or court. To learn more about custom mouthguards, see Mouthguards.

Sedation Dentistry

We use dental sedation during procedures that are extensive, or likely to cause discomfort. It may also be used for patients who have dental anxiety. Sedation relaxes patients, and makes dental procedures pain-free. To learn more about our sedation dentistry options, see Sedation Dentistry.

Tooth Extractions

If we are unable to save your tooth with a filling or root canal, we will need to extract the tooth and replace it. Tooth extractions may also be used to remove teeth that are impacted or that are causing crowding. If we find that the best option is to extract your tooth, do not worry. It is not uncommon, and is the best option to prevent crowding, infection, and future damage. To learn more about dental extractions, see Tooth Extractions.

Periodontal Therapy

Gum disease, also known as periodontitis, is a disease that attacks and progressively breaks down gum tissue. As the disease progresses it becomes increasingly more difficult to treat, and more likely to cause serious health issues. Treating gum disease early on is crucial to preventing it from causing further health problems, including life threatening issues such as heart disease. To learn more about gum disease and how to treat it, see Periodontal Therapy.

The Importance of Routine Dentist Appointments

Dr. Weinstock encourages his patients to visit the dentist at least twice a year for an oral health exam and teeth cleaning. During your exam, he will look for signs of gum disease, tooth decay, oral cancer, and bite problems. Spotting these problems early and offering prompt treatment will help avoid the development of complex dental problems.

If gum disease, tooth decay, or even oral cancer is left untreated, they may cause serious damage to your overall health. Dental checkups help our staff stay on top of any developing concerns such as decay or receding gums. We will offer the most conservative treatment plan to restore health to your teeth and gums.

One of the main things you can do between your dentist appointments is to maintain good oral hygiene. Taking care of your oral health is a daily, lifetime commitment. It is very important because oral diseases can actually lead to serious health problems.

Bad oral hygiene is linked to Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease, respiratory infections, dementia, diabetic complications, and pregnancy issues. To avoid major overall health issues, we recommend brushing your teeth at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, flossing once a day, eat a healthy diet, and limiting sugar intake. These habits along with regular dental appointments will contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Gums, Healthy Smile

Healthy gums are essential for oral health. The gums help to protect teeth roots as well as stabilize the structure of the bite and smile. When gum disease develops it can compromise the foundation of your smile. Receding gums and diseased gums expose your teeth to higher chances of decay, shifting, and even tooth loss. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss. However, you can prevent it with good oral health care habits.

Treating Gum Disease

Dr. David Weinstock is an experienced periodontist who specializes in the treatment and care of gum health. Dr. Weinstock uses state of the art dental technology and laser dentistry. He provides minimally invasive and highly effective gum disease treatment. Patients who have not visited the dentist in some time are welcome here. The sooner you seek treatment for your gum disease, the better your outcome will be. Dr. Weinstock will address the infections and the damage these diseases cause. He will restore your teeth to help them function normally and feel comfortable again.

Schedule a Dentist Appointment in Philadelphia, PA

Preventive dental treatments is the best way to keep your gums and teeth in their best health. We also offer an array of dental health services for new and existing patient. If you are looking for a new dentist, or are ready for your next dental cleaning, contact the Philadelphia, PA dentist office of Dr. Weinstock today.