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What to Do If You Have Tooth Loss

Losing a tooth can be a traumatic experience. Whether it was knocked out unexpectedly or extracted by a dentist, it can leave a lot of problems behind. If you suffer from tooth loss in Bala Cynwyd, PA, there are plenty of restorative dentistry options available. What kind of restoration you need will often depend on your overall oral health and the number of missing teeth you have. Your dentist will examine your bite and take X-rays of your jaw to determine which course of treatment could be best for you.

Tooth Loss in Bala Cynwyd PA could lead to worsening conditions if you don't treat it right away

How to Treat Tooth Loss in Bala Cynwyd, PA

Our teeth are designed to be durable and secure in our mouths. But decay and damage can often weaken our teeth, and excessive force could knock them loose. While it’s some teeth can be lost with minimal effect (i.e., wisdom teeth), losing others can result in worsening dental conditions. Everything from jaw disorders to an increased risk of decay can affect your bite after tooth loss. The sooner you restore your smile, the better.

Dental Implants

Whenever possible, most dentists recommend dental implants for patients with missing teeth. Implants have many benefits to your bite that other restoration options tend to lack. The titanium post of the implant integrates into your jawbone to mimic the natural root structure of a tooth. This can often help maintain bone density and provide greater strength for your bite.

If you’re missing one tooth, a single dental implant with a dental crown could be your best treatment option. But if you’re missing multiple teeth, you may need multiple implants. Your dentist can often provide maximum stability and protection using pairs of implants placed at strategic locations. With implant-supported bridges and implant-secured dentures, you can often experience a fully restored bite.

Traditional Dental Bridges

If you’re missing just one tooth or only a few in a row, you may benefit from a traditional dental bridge. With a traditional bridge, your pontics (fake teeth) get support from dental crowns on neighboring teeth. This can often be a great way to restore your bite if dental implants aren’t available. However, a traditional bridge may not be the best option if you have too many teeth missing. The more pontics a bridge has, the more pressure there is on the supporting teeth. In some cases, a dental bridge may damage your natural teeth and, therefore, isn’t recommended.

Dentures and Partials

While dentures and partials offer the least support and strength, they can be great options for some patients. Dentures and partials are removable, meaning they’re often easier to clean. For patients who struggle with limited mobility or other detriments to their oral hygiene, dentures and partials may be the best way to restore their bites and help improve their oral health.

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