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Are dental implants right for me?

If you are missing a tooth, a dental implant is the most natural way to restore your smile.

Advancements in modern dentistry have made implants the go-to for replacing missing teeth. Their design mimics the natural ingenuity of the human tooth. Dental implants provide nearly the same support for the jaw and bite as real teeth. Fabricated from dental grade titanium, the metal post is surgically implanted in the jaw and fuses with the bone creating a stable and permanent bond. While implants once required substantial preexisting healthy bone tissue, recent techniques such as All On Four and mini implants allow even edentulous patients to be considered for implants, often without the need for additional bone grafting.

Are implants right for me?

Most patients are eligible for dental implants. Dr. Weinstock will perform a thorough bite and oral analysis to determine if dental implants are right for you. Dental implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth, several missing teeth, or a full arch of missing teeth. If you are missing teeth, dental implants replace the missing root structure and provide added stability to your jawbone. Dental implants can help to keep your remaining teeth in proper alignment and prevent the loss of bone tissue or additional tooth loss. Patients who choose to replace their missing teeth with dental implants experience a more comfortable bite and can enjoy their normal diet without dietary restrictions.
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What if I have additional dental concerns caused by my missing teeth?

Dr. Weinstock offers a full range of dental services to help patients restore their smiles. Commonly patients with missing teeth have some degree of gum disease, gum recession, bone loss, or decay. Dr. Weinstock can help phase treatment so that patients can rebuild their smiles from the foundation up, providing longer lasting results for a beautiful and healthy smile. Dr. Weinstock takes a consultative approach to his dentistry and will work with you to build a treatment plan tailored to your unique oral health needs to meet your cosmetic goals.

How do I take care of my dental implant?

Dental implants, like natural teeth, rely on surrounding healthy bone and gum tissue for support. Once healed, dental implants require no additional maintenance and can be cared for as you do your natural teeth. That being said, patients who receive dental implants will be necessary to brush, floss and visit the dentist on a routine basis to help keep their implant healthy and stable. Patients who maintain their overall oral health experience better and longer lasting results.

What type of dentist can place dental implants?

Prosthodontist Dr. David Weinstock can help you determine if implants are right for you. Dr. Weinstock has advanced training in perio-prosthesis from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. Having completed the three-year intensive program, Dr. Weinstock has the skill and knowledge to help patients restore the appearance and functionality of their smile after tooth loss. If you are missing one tooth or all of your teeth, contact our Bala Cynwyd, PA area dentist office. Our team is compassionate and committed to helping you restore your smile so you can smile with healthy confidence.